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Either way, after a protracted illness, the king finally passed away.

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The wrangling in the Assembly for a successor began almost immediately. A new statue was erected in the Commons and a new house founded in the Paragon's name, quickly drawing a great number of followers from every caste. They quickly attracted a great deal of anger from more conservative quarters, and before long the Assembly severely restricted the Andrastians' rights.

The Assembly claimed this was an accident, but news of the resulting riots reached the Chantry on the surface, where the Divine even contemplated a new Exalted March. Eventually, she published a comprehensive theory of how lyrium vapors relate to the supply of magic.

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It gained a great deal of attention. The willingness of Orzammar to harbor apostates sparked outrage that began whispers that the Divine was contemplating a new Exalted March. Years later, thanks to the defeat of the darkspawn on the surface, a few determined smiths managed to locate the Anvil's remains.

A new golem was created, bound with a spirit taken from the Fade. The research was branded excessively dangerous and sealed away. Whispers of its existence circulated throughout Orzammar, however, and demand among the smith caste to reopen Caridin's research refused to abate. Note: This sets the stage for The Golems of Amgarrak. The dwarven people greeted this news with cheers, though few knew of the cost. This arrangement was not to last, however. His men attacked Branka's fortress in the Deep Roads , forcing her to shut it tight. The fortress, guarded by Branka's golems, remained impenetrable.

The golems were sorely needed to crush Bhelen's rebellion, after all, and they did so with success. The unending need for golems in the Deep Roads, however, gave rise to secret surface raids to kidnap humans and elves for the mad Paragon. The gates to the subterranean city were sealed and Harrowmont's kingdom became more isolated than ever. Branka insists, of course, that the raids on the surface continue. Someone of Morrigan's description was later seen traveling alone, heading west through the Frostback Mountains. Someone of Morrigan's description was later seen traveling alone, heading west through the Frostback Mountains Either way, her ritual was never completed Someone of Morrigan's description was seen traveling alone months later, heading west through the Frostback Mountains She had once claimed that it formed a connection between the two, and there came a night when he was sure that she was thinking of him She felt regret, and sorrow.

But the ring told no more. Note: This walkthrough gives instructions for ensuring that this slide is triggered. Flemeth 's hut in the Korcari Wilds was likewise abandoned. One cannot help but wonder: Where did they go? What were their plans? What became of the child?

These questions must remain a mystery With Flemeth dead--or at least gone--the chances of tracking her down were slim indeed. One cannot help but wonder, however: What became of the child? What were Morrigan's plans? There they were installed in the tomb alongside those of the four others who have made that same sacrifice to defeat a Blight. But in time, he left the Wardens once more, declaring that it simply no longer felt right. Where he went afterwards is unknown.

Although he returned to the Grey Wardens for a time, he was heard to say that it simply was not the same anymore. Much to Queen Anora's relief, he resigned from the order and left Ferelden for good.

It quickly became apparent, however, that his presence in Ferelden made relations with the new queen strained at best. He was recalled to the far-off Warden fortress of Weisshaupt, and departed readily. But after one performance at the palace, Leliana quietly vanished. Some say she returned to Orlais, but it is not known for certain. She poured her heart into a ballad that would eventually become known throughout Thedas.

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But after one performance, Leliana quietly vanished. Some say that the Maker came to her in a vision again that night. Smiling, tears in her eyes, she told a maid that she would see her love again at last. Some claimed she returned to a life of adventure, while others said that she returned to Orlais to exact revenge on her enemies.

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Whichever is true, she never forgot the one she loved. She left with little explanation, saying only that she had old scores to settle. He performed diligently for several years, until finally the taint wore too hard on his aged body. After a solemn service with his fellow Wardens, Loghain traveled to Orzammar to take his final march into the Deep Roads. Eventually he left Ferelden, accepting employment with a mercenary company renowned for its supply of fine ales.

The golem was not seen again The dwarves reluctantly agreed to restore her status as a member of the lost House Cadash. Pleased, Shale ventured into the Deep Roads to do battle with the darkspawn and was not seen again. The rapid decline of pigeon populations in Ferelden may or may not be related.

Reports suggest that she got into an altercation with an influential mage there and was driven out. She swore bloody vengeance. The golem did not indicate a destination, but pigeon populations along the Amaranthine coast have fallen dramatically. His honor had been restored, and when fellow qunari asked if there were worthy people outside Par Vollen, Sten would answer that in all his travels he had only met a single one. Upon reporting to the arishok of his observations of humanity, Sten was elevated to the rank of general and placed in charge of forces in Seheron fighting against human insurgents.

This pleased Sten greatly. After almost a year, she quietly collected her things and announced that she was journeying to see more of the world before her time came After several months, her quarters were found empty. She was gone without explanation or apology. The templars were told to look out for her, although no active search has yet been ordered. When they finally came for him, Zevran elected to take the fight to their doorstep, returning to Antiva.

After four master assassins disappeared, the Crows readmitted Zevran--as their leader. He was never sure if that was victory or defeat. Eventually the Crows came after him once again and he elected to take the fight to their doorstep, returning to Antiva. He maintained a distance from his former comrades even then, and despite frequent offers of new bedmates, never loved again. He was last seen, before the siege, hiring a Rivaini ship to take him out of Denerim.

An attempted coup to overthrow Anora a year later borrowed Alistair's name, but no proof of Alistair's involvement was ever supplied. A haggard, drunken man was seen in a tavern in Starkhaven , bitterly claiming to have once been a Grey Warden and prince Alistair was relieved to be away from court at last and returned with his love to help rebuild the Grey Wardens.

He left her side only briefly, to return to Duncan's home and plant a small memorial. Alistair remained in Denerim with his love for a time, much to Queen Anora's discomfort. He was eventually called to the far-off fortress at Weisshaupt, the home of the Grey Wardens, and swore he would return to his love's side soon. They continued their adventures together--at least for a time.

Leliana, however, elected to remain at the side of her love--at least for a time.

Zevran however, elected to remain at the side of his love--at least for a time. The Grey Wardens welcomed their hero back into the fold gladly, eager to receive a hero who faced the archdemon and lived to pass on the knowledge. The hero remained in Denerim, a celebrity amongst the commoners and a fixture at court--at least for a time. Circumstance dictated that they would not see each other again--at least for a time.

Although the horde was routed and had dissolved upon the archdemon's death, many of the more powerful darkspawn survived to organize roving war bands that preyed both upon the land and upon each other.

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They proved incredibly difficult to wipe out. Note: The Shining Sea does not exist in Thedas. The name was likely changed to the Waking Sea later in development.