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Happy holidays everyone! Thank you for listening to Story Time this year, we so appreciate your support. Enjoy your holidays and we w ill see you in the New Year. If you haven't, or even if you have, why not check them out here: Buffy Bunny Can't Cook Buffy Bunny and the Easter Emergency To read this story, and others written by Jess, visit her website. The special bathtub who can move his feet and likes to play with his friends in the park? Do you remember that Billy lives in a big old house in Winnipeg, Canada?

Now, Winnipeg isn't too far from the North Pole as sleighs and reindeer fly , and we all know who lives at the North Pole, don't we? Would you like to hear about the time Billy the Bathtub helped Santa? You would?!?

Then this story is for you! This st ory is suitable for children ages 4 to 10 years old.

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You can check it out on our website, Billy the Bathtub Goes to the Park. Written by Paul D. Miranda was an inside cat and didn't get to do many of the outside things that cats like to do. Christmas time, however, was special because it was the only time she got to be around a real tree in the house. The Christmas in this story turned out to be extra special when a surprise visitor hid in the tree!

A short story suitable for young children aged year s old Happy holidays everybody! All rights reserved, used by permission. Bill turns to his friends; zebra, frog, yak, and others for objects that might help alleviate his ache. Will they be able to help him? If not, what will? This fun, wacky story is told in playful cadence with rhyme and refrain.

A riot of a tale, it also offers some wisdom on gettin g through tough times with patience, and a little help from your friends. This story is suitable for children ages Music: Dane Leigh Gogoshin www. Go to bedtime. Thank you! Whilst sulking about the situation, he makes an amazing discovery in the most unexpected place….. This poem is suitable for Halloween-lovers of all ages. Written by Nathan Oser and narrated by Rob Griffiths Whenever there are monsters in the closet or lurking in shadowy corners, I do what any smart kid would I hide under the covers.

The scariest hour of them all!

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Perfect for Halloween! Parental discretion is advised. This story is suitable for ages Thanks for listening. Written by Brian Chambers and narrated by Jess Judd Emma is spending the weekend with her grandparents, but they are not really sure how to entertain her. When her Grandad pulls out an old bubble machine for her to play with, things start to get exciting, a little too exciting. Will Emma ever see her grandparents again? Written by Stuart Baum and narrated by Rob Griffiths Tomas set out on an adventure to look down from the top of the world. He meets a unicorn, a pair of graham-cracker eating dragons, and lots of small and hungry birds.

But where is the chair on the top of the world? A story suitable for 4—12 year old kids. You can read the full story, including the extra bits over on Stuart's website, and also see the illustrations. Written by Ivan Parvov and narrated by Jess Judd When Bubu finds a bottle in the sea with a call for help inside it is clear for everyone — a new adventure awaits.

And this time he is not alone — his friends Oskar and Rico are coming with him. What lies ahead? Fearful sharks…a powerful storm…a sinking ship…and a new friendship. One thing is for sure — no one will remain dry in this amazing sea quest. This children's story is suitable for kids aged years old.

Written by Hannah Erickson and narrated by Kellie Colleen Poppy has moved to a new town and hasn't yet made any friends. She misses her old life. Things start looking up, however, when she finds a curious golden pen in the woods outside her new home; for this is no normal pen, it's a 'spentaculous pen', and it's magic!

Story Time — Children's bedtime stories for kids. Storytime anytime.

Written by Michael Ryan and narrated by Rob Griffiths Medward the marmoset was unlike any other marmoset that had ever lived. This was because Medward had a very, very long tail. Some days Medward hated his elongated tail. It got in the way and would stop him doing things. Other times however, it came in quite handy, and in this particular story, turned out to be a lifesaver!

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Sometimes, being different isn't so bad after all. One night, Ug finally realises how lonely it is when everyone is frightened of you. Is it possible for him to change his ways and make friends with people? Bedtime story suitable for kids ages You can find more of Kenneth's wonderful stories over on his website or buy his latest children's story Why Dogs Have Wet Noses Thanks to Leeba 4 from Australia, Akx74 from Ireland, and darcioshea from the USA for wonderful reviews, which you can hear at the end of this episode. A children's bedtime story suitable for ages years old To read this story, and others written by Jess, visit her website.

We're celebrating our 50th story! One day when Billy the Bathtub was feeling sad about being stuck inside while the children played outside in the park, he realised that there was actually something he could do to feel better. This was because Billy the Bathtub had a secret Join Billy the Bathtub on his exciting a dventure out of the house!

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Bed time story suitable for children ages 4 to 10 years old. Written by Jess Judd and narrated by Chanel Tsang Elsie and Arthur often go down the crooked path, into the old wood behind their little house. However one day, they come across an evil, old witch who lives deep in the woods. Will Elsie be brave enough, clever enough, and kind enough to save her brother from the witch?

Buffy Bunny wants to make his friends the perfect dinner, but he keeps having problems following the recipe. Luckily he has good friends to help him through and to remind him of his other talents! This story is suitable for children aged 2 — 8 years old. Thanks to mon. Written by Murray Rutledge and narrated by Amy Hays, with Jess Judd It had started out like any other night for Peewee the Kiwi and his mates; scratching for bugs under the moonlight and calling out to one another across the bush. This particular night, however, they were to get the surprise of their lives.

A kangaroo was hiding in the bush! What's more, he was lost and upset. He wanted to go home. Peewee and his mates knew they must help him Suitable fo children aged between 3 — 8 y ears old.

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She loves her mom and wants to give her something special. So she searches high and low for the perfect gift, but what is the perfect gift? Something big? This story suitable for children of ages 4 — 9 years old Janaki is from Sri Lanka. If you like you can download the illustrations and read the story.

Thanks to our new patron Mary! Also thanks to Sylvie from England, Alex from New Zealand, and b1sm from the UK for your fantastic reviews, which you can hear at the end of this episode. Nothing else, just the Dream, floating around and snoring. Until one day the Dream woke up and started to think about all the amazing things that might be. The more the Dream imagined, the more it wondered what it would be like to be all these REAL things and not just a dream.

A delightful story about the beauty and power of the imagination with the underlying message that if you really devote yo urself to your dreams, perhaps they might just come true.