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Now they hit us like hundreds of others we see each day on all our media platforms. Are we too numbed to react or respond? Are we too jaded to believe a photo can be real, unstaged, undoctored? It has happened before.

In , at the height of the Vietnam War, Associated Press photographer Nick Ut , Vietnamese himself and just 19 years old, was ready to pack up and go back to the office after shooting some fighting when a plane sprayed napalm. He watched as a throng of screaming children ran toward him, one girl in the middle naked. I immediately thought that she was going to die.

But one editor insisted, and newspapers across the world published it. The nine-year-old girl was a child like their own. By the way, the girl survived after Ut drove her and other children to a hospital and threatened media exposure if the overwhelmed hospital workers refused to care for them. Later, in Sudan in , South African freelance photographer Kevin Carter shot an iconic photo of hunger. When a United Nations food distribution plane set down, he shot photos of children bent to the dirt, crying.

As he watched one girl scrabble at the ground, a huge vulture landed just beyond her.

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He snapped the photo, which illuminated the famine in Sudan more powerfully than an image of a thousand hungry people would have. But the image stirred a familiar controversy among photographers: Can you shoot a photo without intervening to save a target? Carter did not scoop up the girl to fly her back home with him, no. But he said he chased away the vulture.

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This portrait of Sharbat Gula, an Afghan refugee with haunted eyes, ran on the cover of National Geographic in , searing itself into hearts and memories around the world. The image won Carter the Pulitzer Prize. After the hurricane in Haiti, Miami Herald photographer Patrick Farrell won acclaim for an image of another naked child, this time a boy, pushing a broken and filthy baby stroller, apparently reclaimed from the muddy rubble around him.

Again, one boy, leading viewers to wonder about his story, his future, and contrast it with their own. Farrell, still with the Herald, said Thursday the image was among the first published after the initial Haiti storms.

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It, along with others, won him a Pulitzer Prize. It brought them out of their very comfortable lives. Nobody knows what happened to the boy, with whom Farrell never spoke. The face of another refugee from danger also captured a crisis and captivated those who saw it.

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McCurry returned to Pakistan 17 years later to find her , worn and weary. She had not been photographed since. But her eyes are recognized and remembered as ones that cracked open hardened hearts. The photos of the little drowned Syrian boy, shot by Nilufer Demir, who works for Turkey's Dogan News Agency, may well have the same impact. April 23, - Published on Amazon.

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I bought this to read to my toddler grandson, though after reading it through, it is probably more appropriate for a child years old. Interesting history drives home the main point, that a child has a special purpose and can grow up to help many others.

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April 27, - Published on Amazon. Beyond Seclusion. April 30, - Published on Amazon. I love Andy A. I will keep trying but I could tell as I was reading it that it was getting too long. I hate to say anything negative about AA but I would not spend my money on this. It does you no good if your kids dont want to read it. May 2, - Published on Amazon.

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This is a terrific book for children age 5 and up I would even recommend older youth and adults read this book. We each need to understand how much a difference each of us can make, even though we may not see the difference ourselves. We are a part of God's bigger plan and we have a purpose designed by our Creator Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery on millions of eligible domestic and international items, in addition to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more.

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