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He was in good hands, capable hands. They would take care of him, whatever needed to be done. If so, it was good stuff. He was a sucker for Italian food, and, the icing on the cake, Bea had insisted on paying for everyone, and not just the cake. She was already off on one of her juggernauts.

In Y.A., Where Is the Line Between Criticism and Cancel Culture?

Had he taken this fellow Brady down in his fall? Clutched at the waiter and upended his tray? Maybe poor Brady was injured, with a broken arm or something, and required more urgent attention. Clifford opened his eyes. He was flat on his back in a bed with side rails. An IV bag was connected to his left forearm through a plastic tube, and an oxygen mask covered his nose and mouth. The oxygen was delicious. He was wearing a hospital gown, the kind that fastened in the back.

He could feel the cool clamminess of the bedsheets against his backside. He hoped no one would ask him to stand up. At his age, there were divots of cellulite on his ass. He felt privileged, as though his case were sufficiently urgent to deserve priority treatment, the acronym perhaps meaning Urgent Medical Condition, when he realized the linen service had simply used a proprietary identifying logo for Rush University Medical Center, a Chicago institution he knew quite well, but till now, only from the outside.

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Towering over Clifford with his hairy hands on the bedrail on the right side was a burly man in mint-colored surgical scrubs. The obligatory stethoscope hung from his neck like a decoration of honor. A significant stroke. How do you feel? Are you feeling dizzy? Your faculties may improve over time.

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For now, on the chance you can hear me, you should know that your friends gave us contact information for next of kin. We understand your wife is traveling.

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Your Medicare card was in your wallet, so Uncle Sam has your back. Any questions? Clifford saw no need to respond. He wondered how long his generous uncle would stand behind him. The doctor walked away and was met by a colleague, presumably a nurse, a few paces away from the foot of the bed.

They spoke in low tones.

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Clifford thought this considerate but odd. There is no negative scale! Zero pain must be the ideal. Where is the index for joy? If they shoot you up with morphine, how happy can you get? The score tends to go up the more often you ask the question. So, the value of a corporate brand is more likely to increase if you continue to spend more on asking marketing questions than actually improving the quality of your product or your customer service. Where this hospital was concerned, the practice would be doubly problematic. She clutched the left rail. You gave us all such a scare.

The choppy sea must have been too much for her. She let go of the railing and hurried away. Too late, Clifford realized he should have said something to her. Radio Show, and his book reviews are published on the Web by Splash Magazines. Genre: Literary fiction. Get early access to fresh indie books and help decide on the bestselling stories of tomorrow. Create your free account today. Or sign up with an email address. Upvote 0. Highly recommended.

I question the logic of a certain character's actions and it seems the answer lies only in that if it didn't happen that way then the story wouldn't exist and I hate those kinds of things, especially when everything else in the book is logical and consistent. All in all a top notch thriller with brains, this first-time novel by an expert in the field in this case nanotechnology, though it's even more about fungus shows how it should and can be properly executed unlike you, Robopocalypse!

Dec 02, Regina Lindsey rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , shelfari-favorites. Spiral by Paul by Paul McEuen 5 Stars and a heart "Humanity has but three great enemies: fever, famine, and war; of these by far the greatest, by far the most terrible, is fever. War, for all its horror, galvanized a nation, pulled it together against a common opponent. But fever was a different kind of enemy. Bird flu We can pull together to support a cause, but when my personal discomfort or health can be directly related to the person sitting next to me The book opens at the close of WWII when the Japanese are making a desparate attempt to turn the tide of the war through a last ditch effort of the secret Unit to execute a bio-terrorism plot.

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Liam Connor has retained a sample from that failed attempt. Connor is a prestigious, Nobel Peace Prize Winner teaching at Cornell University where he has tried to use the lessons from the past to make a better future.

World of Warcraft: Traveler, Novel #2: The Spiral Path

Now, someone wants the body of Connor's work and they will stop at nothing. Connor, after being tortured, ends up dead at the bottom of the gorge on campus. But, he leaves clues behind for his colleague, Jake Sterling and grandaughter, Maggie to what he's been hiding and working on. Admittedly, this is not my typical genre.

On the one hand, I think it takes tremendous talent to successfully pull off a story in this vein. Often, the stories are so predictable and filled with implausible scenarios that they are just down right irritating. Of course, I just may not know enough about the subject to know if the story is plausible or not.

The Spiral Mill, a novel cooled bead beater for yeast and fungus

On the other hand, it sure was engaging. Once you pick it up it is hard to put down. We had a big party at our house Friday night. About 35 people came over. When I have a big event like that, I'm focused like a laser on the cooking, the cleaning, and the planning. I had to carve out 2 hours in the middle of the preparation to get a little reading. I found this to be increidlby well written, full of tension, and just down right smart.

In fact, I regretted reading this while getting a manicure because I had the strong desire to bite my nails the entire time. I learned a couple of things. First, was the amazing history of Cornell University to admit minorities women and African-Americans well before it was considered by other institutions. Secondly, as a lover of history, I think it is important to recognize your own country's flaws.

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There is some interesting history about the US action in the first Gulf War related to burying Iraqi soldiers in the sand. Here is an interesting article for anyone wanting to compare notes. Whether it was necessary or not is for each individual to decide. I just think we owe it to ourselves to critically look at our own actions as well as others. It was also interesting to learn about Nixon's actions against bio-terrorism. McEuen points to , but Nixon actually came out in opposition in For all my gushing, I do have a couple of criticisms.