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Familie cheder dag. Billetter til Chanuka i Byen Chanukah-familie fest! Familie cheder purim fest! Shavuot at midnight. Fotos Kidz.

Holiday Guides: Shavuot

What Is a Jewish Birthday? Birthday Ski tur! One Shabbat One world. Shabbaton info.


Schedule of Events Bat mitzvah undervisning for voksne! Chana program. Skema Information English Tilmelding.

Shavuot fest! Rosh Hashana.

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Unity The two ministers who orchestrated the unity government are ancient yet sharp. Moshe Shahal, former Labor minister, is Moshe Nissim, former Likud Ryan Torok , Sept. The High Holy Days are an opportunity to reflect and contemplate. Now more than ever, we need to find a way to address conflict and Rick Lupert , Sept.

Dip the apples in the honey, not the other way around. Your napkin supply and fingers will thank you. Practice blowing the shofar ahead of Salvador Litvak , Sept. One verse, five voices. In terms of fresh produce, there are few things as sacrilegious to most Middle Easterners than eating those bulky, tasteless, American slicing cucumbers. Leslee Komaiko , Sept. More than a few times, Mitch and Max Dorf have been out and about together when they are approached by a stranger who says something Acknowledging a growing rift among Jews and the increasing challenges presented by a shifting of Jewish identities, a group of 30 Jewish scholars, rabbis and Melissa Simon , Sept.

The program will Erin Ben-Moche , Sept.

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Barely two years after its founding, the progressive Jewish feminist movement Zioness has expanded its reach and has big plans in the works. Gerri Miller , Sept. Shawn Rodgers , Sept. Jewish rock music is a relatively new concept among American Jews but has found its way into traditional services as a way to connect people Steven Mirkin , Sept. But for It seems like smooth sailing ahead for Mika Sternberg. Not only has the year-old Israeli sailing champion racked up competition victories in her homeland, she Kylie Ora Lobell , Sept.

Highland Park is filled with historic buildings, hilly roads, vintage clothing stores, art galleries and vegan eateries. Also tucked away in this Eastside enclave — Lisa Silverman , Sept. New books for fall include a number of picture books about the holidays, but also other Jewish-themed books for kids that should get some attention Wendy Paris , Sept. Shavuot and the better world. Dear friends,. Shavuot celebrates that transcendent moment when we received the Torah, investing us with our ultimate meaning as a People. In a moving image unfolded in the Written Torah[1], and enlarged in the Oral Torah[2], God himself delivered His Word to the Children of Israel, in terms understandable to all humankind.

He, the Perfect Infinity, - in an act of true love - gives us a Code that forever removes the existential questions of "what is good" and "what is bad," establishing the fundamental of Western Ethics.

Celebrating Israel

Jewish mystical literature[3], based on the written Torah, emphasizes that the souls of all Jews in all ages received the Torah, meaning: the act of divine transmission is perennial in the eternal chain of Jewish Generations. Not only the , heads of households around 3,, people who left Egypt, but all members of the Jewish people, in all times, heard the "Anochi A' Elo-hecha In some part of our being, we all carry the emotion of Ma'amad Har Sinai, of being in the presence of the Divinity at Mount Sinai. The message of the Written and Oral Torah, and its further development, is that the Torah is the heritage of our People, given to all equally and with equal opportunities, challenges and commitments.