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Dashboard Dashboard. Tools Tools Tools. Featured Portfolios Van Meerten Portfolio. Market: Market:. Futures Menu. Mon, Oct 7th, Help. Reportable Positions Clearing members, futures commission merchants, and foreign brokers collectively called reporting firms file daily reports with the Commission. Commercial and Non-Commercial Traders When an individual reportable trader is identified to the Commission, the trader is classified either as "commercial" or "non-commercial.

Swap Dealer A "swap dealer" is an entity that deals primarily in swaps for a commodity and uses the futures markets to manage or hedge the risk associated with those swaps transactions. Other Reportables Every other reportable trader that is not placed into one of the other three categories is placed into the "other reportables" category. Leveraged Funds These are typically hedge funds and various types of money managers, including registered commodity trading advisors CTAs ; registered commodity pool operators CPOs or unregistered funds identified by CFTC.

Other Reportables Reportable traders that are not placed into one of the first three categories are placed into the "other reportables" category. Want to use this as your default charts setting? Learn about our Custom Templates. Switch the Market flag above for targeted data.

90% of traders lose money... So how to be in the top 10%?

Open the menu and switch the Market flag for targeted data. Need More Chart Options? Right-click on the chart to open the Interactive Chart menu. Free Barchart Webinar. TradersStudio is a complete backtesting and system development platform which makes it easy to design trading strategies on stock, ETF, commodity, and forex markets. Indeed, trading a untested strategy is like playing Russian roulette with your financial future.

You can either use TradersStudio to design your own strategies or it can be used to run professionally designed strategies that have strong historical trading records. You can either run the strategies you buy, develop yourself, or have a broker trade for you.

TradersStudio has many tools to help you evaluate a trading strategy and see if it is likely to work into the future. TradersStudio is for anyone who wants to take trading and investing seriously using a scientific method. TradersStudio has the ability to not only develop trading strategies but also design custom risk management strategies.

TradersStudio is so powerful that many professional money managers use it to implement there trading strategies. This is because TradersStudio has advanced features to accurately design simulations of your equity strategies. This platform is highly extensible.

You can write any custom function, indicator, or system you want. You can also write macros which can automate processes. For example, you can implement a Monte-Carlo simulator using just scripting in TradersStudio. Since the platform is so extensible, we offer many plugins for it. We also have a neural network add-in called NeuralStudio which implements both SVM as well as back propagation. All these tactics will lead to large losses and to margin calls. A trader who is engaging in one of the three mentioned scenarios is as far away from becoming a professional trader as possible.

The professional trader knows that the outcome of one trade is totally irrelevant to his trading career.

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Whether a single trade is a winner or a loser does not matter because there will be , or trades coming soon where he can make money. A professional trader also accepts that a stop loss is the place where his trade is wrong and that he is happy to exit the trade because it is not going to make him money. Amateur: What is your trading objective? Do you believe that trading is a way to make a lot of money in a short period of time?

Research showed that traders who believe that they can get rich quick with trading lose the most amount of mone y. Pro: For the professional trader, trading is a regular job. The professional trader does not trade for the excitement or because he wants to make a fortune with a few lucky trades.

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Trading is not an easy profession and it requires time, hard work and a lot of hustling before you can make money. In the end, being a trader is a job like many other jobs. To become a professional trader, act like one. Behaving like a professional trader does not require a lot of capital or expensive equipment. Analyze your trading behavior and then see how you can make the adjustments to take your trading to the next level.

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